Bitak is on the eastern shore, across a mountain range from Shael. For thousands of years, Bitak was controlled by a fearsome Blood Verishnakt and his vampiric servants until he was defeated by elemental shamans. Since then, Bitak has turned itself into a functioning nation and human sacrifice which used to be a common occurrence has been outlawed. They have a strict Caste system where it is nigh impossible to move between classes…or at least upward.

Bitakans are generally short, dark-skinned people that live in adobe buildings. The lower classes wear large amounts of bronze jewelery and gold is strictly reserved for the higher castes. No nation has ever invaded Bitak so most of their cities lack strong walls or any form of organized military.

The elemental shamans are revered in Bitak as saviors. Most mages use Air and Water magics although Earth is not unheard of. Fire mages from Bitak are extremely rare.



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