A desert kingdom centrally located on the western shore, Shael is known for its iron and glass work and is the most technically advanced of the eastern nations. The roaming tribes of Shaelin are constantly battling the town-dwelling Shaelin.

People from Shael are generally tall and slender, with heavily tanned skin and black hair and they dress in grey and tan tones. Most of the architecture is subdued as well, although inside a Shaelin’s home is another story. Whether rich or poor, vibrant hues are used to decorate.

Sorcery in Shael is outlawed except by an approved cast known as wardens. Wardens are able to break the general magic rule in which crafted and metal objects resist magical influence. Wardens inscribe their spells into small metal discs, some of which can even be used by non-Wardens. Their magic is generally based around the earth, often causing earthquakes or the ground to reach up against their foes. Their non-elemental magic is generally protective in nature such as wards and barriers.



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