Character Creation

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Step 1: Character Concept
A character concept is a short, simple core idea from which you’ll build your character. It is good to have some basic idea of what sort of character you’ll play, and even consider where you might be from. A Callous Bandit from Shael, or an exiled princess of Bitak are some example character concepts.

Step 2: Attributes
Each of the attributes start at Rank 1. Rank 2 would be considered average, rank 3 above average and so forth. Your character starts with 13 Attribute points, which may be spent to customize your character. To raise an attribute you pay the number of the next rank in Attribute Points, for example to raise Brawn from Rank 1 to Rank 2 would cost 2 points. This is cumulative, so to raise an attribute from Rank 1 to Rank 3 would be 5 points, (Rank 2 + Rank 3) Any left over attribute points may be converted into 3 Skill Points.

Step 3: Skills

A character starts the game with 19 skill points. These skill points may be used to have your character be trained in a variety of abilities that define what your character knows. Skills are trained in the same way as attributes, except that all skills start at 0 by default. No skills may start above rank 4. Your character gets 1 dot in a craft, and 3 points to spend on lores as well.

Step 4: Talents

Feats are a further way to customize your character. Each character starts with 7 Talent points to distribute amongst various talents, which are purchased in the same way as skills, except that each talent has a certain number of ranks available.

Step 5: Character Points
Your character begins the game with a Destiny rating of 4 + Presence. You also begin the game with 1 Morale point. Health points are somewhat more complicated, and there is an entire section devoted to it, you start the game with a certain level of health per level based on your resolve.

Wound Type Bubbles
Scratched 5 + Res
Light 4 + Res
Injured 3 + Res
Serious 2 + Res
Critical 1 + Res

For a character with an average Resolve (2 points), Health bubbles will look like this:

Scratched: ❍❍❍ ❍❍❍ ❍
Light:     ❍❍❍ ❍❍❍
Injured:   ❍❍❍ ❍❍
Serious:   ❍❍❍ ❍
Critical:  ❍❍❍

Step 6: Background
At this point you should really have a strong idea of what your character is like. Finish determining where your character is from, what sort of background they have etc. The GM will then assign you gear based on your background and skills.

Step 7: Play!
Your character is ready to go, grab a pile of d6 and have fun!

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Character Creation

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