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Magic and magical abilities work similarly to Talents, except that they cost twice as much. As this game is being generated as we go… many of the magic abilities will follow the same route. Generally speaking you will pay for a magical ability and gain several “spells” that you can cast. Additional spells may be purchased for experience points.

Eastern Continent

Shape Shifting (Jalair)
Shapeshifters add claws, scales and other things from nature to improve their abilities.

Ward Scribing (Shael)
The Ward Scribers of Shael draw upon the energies of the Deep Earth, they can cause the earth to act in specific ways, as well as create nearly impassable barriers.

Elemental Sorcery (Bitak)
The mystics of Bitak summmon the four elements to do their bidding.

Conjuration (Hasin)
The Warlocks of Hasin practic a strange and dark magic, which they term conjuration. They summon dark beasts and imbue them with strange powers.

Western Continent

Necromancy (Most of it)
Work with the Dead.

Blood (Nayen, Hesh)
Curses and blood related sorcery.

Non Location Specific

Traditional sorcery, generally vocalized from spell books. Wizardry can do most things… just not as fast or as specialized. A rank 1 elemantalist is far better with fire than a rank 1 wizard.

Similar to wizardry, except less flexible. Witchcraft is in many ways power over nature, but the dark forces of nature. Witches often summonon creatures of the night to do their bidding, act through familiars. Diseases, curses, and hexes are their specialties…



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